All This Beauty

It’s a matter of getting deeper in, any way you can

~ The Weepies

In the few months since we’ve started putting our dream in action, things have started to shift. It’s amazing how many opportunities present themselves when you open yourself up to them.

This whole endeavor often feels terribly overwhelming for both of us. There is SO much to do and SO much knowledge to gain about how to run a dive centre properly – not to mention how to set up a business in a foreign country!

Recently, we broke down the steps to make them feel more manageable, but there is still a hell of a lot to do. One item, however, is starting to make some very unexpected and incredibly exciting progress: Get Some Industry Experience.

We’ve had the luck of becoming good friends with Global Scuba, a local dive centre here in Muscat. I have done all my training with them and am constantly pestering them to let me spend time walking around annoying everyone with questions all day. Five months later, they finally relented.

Not only are they going to let me come in and learn all the in’s and out’s of filling tanks, cleaning gear and helping guests find the right size wetsuit, they are sponsoring my training up to the Dive Master level and maybe even on to instructor in the future.

It’s such an incredible opportunity and one that I don’t feel entirely qualified for or deserving of. As I drove home from picking up my course books, the Weepies song All This Beauty started playing and the lyrics sent a wave of pure joy through me.

I cried. Of course. Cause that’s what I do. Gotta keep the sea filled somehow.

I can see you’re new, awake
Let me assure you, friend
Every day is ice cream and chocolate cake
And what you make of it
Let me just say
You get what you take
From it, so be amazed
Whenever you stop…
You gotta be brave.

‘Cause all this beauty
You might have to close your eyes
And slowly open wide
And watch the sun rise


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