About Us

Chris and Noelle. Noelle and Chris. That is us and we are them.


Chris has been diving for about ten years now and, with his growing collection of gadgets and clip-on toys, he is officially the coolest looking Instructor out there (see photographic evidence above).


Noelle started diving in April of 2015, pulled into the water by Chris who insisted it was NOT, in fact, full of teeth, as she had always imagined. She has enjoyed almost every minute of it, which surprises no one more than her, given that she was deathly afraid of the open water until love made her take her first baby steps into the sea. Now she is a Divemaster with her eye on the Instructor course!

This blog is an experiment, really. We have a big goal to open our own dive centre and guest house in the next couple of years. It’s a big task. This is where we’re recording our stories along the way and sharing our incremental progress and inevitable failures (mainly for your pure entertainment, but also so we can look back and see how it was that we conquered the world – mwahahaha).

Additionally, we (okay by we, we mainly mean Noelle) hope to use this blog as an educational platform for sharing interesting, oceany things.  Now that she is officially a sea-getter-inner and has countless new fish friends, she is excited to learn more about them and their home (also, she has a lot of catching up to do to beat Chris at Trevally Pursuit – oh god, that made her laugh way too much). Her interests currently lie in finding weird-ass creatures with bizarre super powers, overcoming moments of panic when she remembers she is supposed to be scared of the water and finding exceptionally cute things with big, endearing eyes.

A bit about ya’ll

We don’t know you – yet – but we think you’re pretty cool. If you’re here, you might be into oceany stuff, sciency stuff, diving stuff, travel stuff or just the-earth-is-a-cool-place-with-lots-to-learn-about stuff. Whoever you are, we are happy you found us and look forward to geeking out with you, learning from you and hearing about what you get up to.

Sea ya round!

Seas the Day

Quick monetary disclosure

We are not above using the site to generate a little income toward our big dream. Though this is likely a very far off thing, we thought full disclosure with friends is always best in advance. Should we find ways of earning from it, we will tell you which things we make money from and be as transparent as possible about the financial benefits to us. This is because we feel it’s best to be clear about these things and because, if we are able to do it then there is surely a way for you, so why not share our secrets for you to benefit from?



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi guys. So excited to dive vicariously with you – I have been following Chris’ exploits on Facebook for a while now. BTW myself and Ewan are advanced open water divers and so could perhaps be your first customers when you open your business! Noelle’s turn of phrase on this blog is great by the way. Keep on swimming…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dan, it’s lovely to meet you! I would love to host you at out place when we get it up and running. You’re very welcome to join us in Oman too 🙂 September is whale shark season. Just sayin’…


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